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Fendant (Chasselas)

Chasselas is not a particularly Swiss grape nor is it specific to the Lake Geneva region, but when grown in Switzerland

It gives a wine that reflects this grape at its most subtle and complex.

It is called Fendant in Valais because of a particular feature of the ripe grape: the skin
and pulp melt when pressed gently between fingers. The wine’s popularity rose dramatically
in the middle of the 19th century thanks to government support. Today it is the second most
planted grape variety, after Pinot Noir.

An early and vigorous plant, Chasselas is noted for its ability to adapt to many soils and micro-climates, bringing forth the subtlety of each terroir.

The aromatic profile—discreet, sharply clear—leaves room for the many nuances (floral, fruity,
mineral) provided by the vines’ environment. Fendant is often very slightly bubbly, always
playful, light and easy to drink, all of which makes it the perfect aperitif wine and just right for
any occasion when people get together.


Serve at 8° -10° C

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