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Humagne Rouge

This variety comes from an old cross made in Val d’Aosta, Italy, between Cornalin and an unknown variety. Humagne Rouge was introduced in Valais via the Great Saint Bernard pass at the end of the 19th century.

Despite its recent arrival it has become, after Cornalin, the second great red wine with a Valais identity.

It is a vigorous grape that ripens late and gives wines that have a well steeped character; they seduce with their rustic aromas of wild fruits, wooded undergrowth, bark, violets. In mouth, they are supple but the final is tighter.

Humagne Rouge, drunk young while still fruity, is a wine that has many fans. After three to five years in the cellar, it is the perfect ccompaniment to game.

Serve at 14°-16°C

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B.Matthey - 24.12.2016
Oû du côté de Lausanne puis je trouver à acheter votre Humagne?
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A quel prix?

Merci pour votre assistance et meilleures salutations
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