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La Maison des Cornalins

at Château de Vaas in Flanthey

opening in August 2014 or upon request


The two upper floors are used as a living exhibition with a scientific and clear presentation of the Cornalin. Technical questions, on cornalin grape, its vinification and its originality are shown on panels and monitors. Forgotten for a long time, but recovering now its rank as one of the best red wine in Valais, Cornalin is a must in Valais.

Panels are devoted to recent researches and experimentation on Cornalins, to improve its potential and its qualities. A floor map shows the growing places of Cornalins

After the visit, everyone is invited in the two lower floors to taste at the wine bar a variety of Cornalins and other wines grown in the region, in Valais and even in Val d'Aosta

Opening hours
Thursday & friday: 4pm-9pm
Saturday & sunday: 11am-9pm
Opening upon request for private events, visits, tasting or meetings, etc...

Château de Vaas
Tsaretton 46
3978 Flanthey
Tél. 027 458 11 74
info@chateaudevaas.ch - www.chateaudevaas.ch