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Other red wines

Valais offers a good range of other red wines.

Some are international, such as Cabernet Franc, with its elegant bouquet of black berries and graphite. Others are Swiss specialities, created during the second half of the 20th century. This is the case for Garanoir, a wine that is more generous and round, less tannic but as rich in colour as its brother Gamaret. Then there is the very original cross between Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon called Carminoir: a very lively wine with spicy aromas which appeared in Valais only at the start of the 21st century (2000), designed to give body to blends.

Several old, native grape varieties are still grown in Valais. Durize, which is also called Rouge de Fully, is from the same family as Cornalin. This is a difficult grape to grow but when planted in well exposed areas, and in a good year, it gives wines with character that are wild, rough–in short true mountain wines.

Upper Valais has its very rare Eyholzer Roter, similar to grapes grown in northern Italy. These are sometimes grown in pergola and give a wine that is light, clear, aromatic, with little tannin. It is best drunk cool, often to accompany a platter of coldcuts.

Serve at 14°-16°C

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