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Vine and Wine Museum - Sierre and Salgesch

In the heart of the Valais growing area vines and wine have a history that reaches far back, a present that is marked by great passion.

The museum, housed in two places, retraces this art which is more than a thousand years old : the buildings of the Château de Villa hold the secrets of winemaking, while the Zumofenhaus in Salgesch is a wonderful place to study the tools and methods used for growing grapes.

A footpath links the two, through the vineyards, where the season’s labours are apparent.

Open March to November, 14:00 - 17:00 (except Mondays)

T + F Sierre 027 456 35 25

T + F Salquenen 027 456 45 25

www.museevalaisanduvin.ch – www.walliserweinmuseum.ch