Chardonnay was introduced to the Valais during the 1920s and for a long time it was grown in order to have a wine that is full-bodied, ripe and slightly sweet in the mouth. It is the most widely grown white varietal in the world.

Over time tastes changed and drier wines became popular; Chardonnay was gradually picked earlier in order to create wines that are fresh, with notes of white fruits and infusion flowers. These wines are often matured in barrel, as is done in Burgundy.

Chardonnay has another role in Valais: it is used as the main grape in bubbly wines.

The grape needs less time to ripen than many other varieties, which means it can be grown near the tops of slopes in some areas.


Toast and melted butter, hazelnut, exotic fruit, pineapple and pear, and citrus.
A lively, well-rounded wine.
Disseminated in Burgundy and Champagne by monks in the 16 th century. Introduced to the Valais in 1921.
8° - 10° C
Aperitifs with the bubbly wines, cheese platter for Chardonnay made in tank, chicken and truffles terrine with Chardonnay matured in oak.