It matures late, is a capricious and even very capricious grape during production – it’s not difficult to understand why it was nearly abandoned at the start of the 20th century. Fortunately the perseverance and patience of several growers and producers, true visionaries, have made it possible for us to drink these wines today. This is a wine that has an incredibly deep cherry red colour with rich purple high-lights. Cornalin has a fruity strength that is out of the ordinary, and when it is young it is almost impudent. It borders on the wild, with a body that is both energetic and vinous, tonic and very fresh.

This is beyond a doubt the greatest of the Valais reds, with its notes of spicey clove and fruity black cherry. It is delicious, with strong fruitiness when drunk young, but as it ages and calms down its takes on a remarkable smoothness that is both elegant and classy. It becomes the perfect companion for all strong meats, such as game.


Spicey and fruity black cherry notes.
Intense, long, smooth fruit with an elegant mouthfeel and a well-developed tannic structure.
Cornalin is a cross between two Valdotan grape varieties. The first recorded mention of it was at the start of the 14th century.
14° - 16° C
Saddle of venison, whole roast pigeon.