Valais is rich in grape varieties.

Some of these are grown the world over, such as Sauvignon, which is a generous, flavourful wine with hints of wood. The granite soils of Fully are part of a terroir for Viognier that resembles quite closely that of its birthplace, Condrieu in France.

The wine will enchant you, with its aromas of apricot. Valais is home to Riesling wines that are full and dry, with a good liveliness, as well as some magnificent sweet wines. A small number of vine parcels planted with Gewürztraminer produce wines with exotic aromas that are flavourful and round, supple.

Anyone who loves exploring forgotten tastes from the past will find a wealth of wines to satisfy, in Valais. Wines from varieties like Lafnetscha, Himbertscha and Gwäss are grown in Upper Valais and are noted for their lightness and floral notes with a hint of smokiness. Rèze, too, is a seductress. It was a popular variety until the vineyards were rebuilt in the middle of the 19 th century. The wine it gives is dry, very lively, with balsam notes.