Each wine is not famous. Even with exceptional terroirs with adapted grapes, winemakers must subject themselves to a lot of discipline and sacrifices to reveal the essence of their best plots.

These efforts deserve to be recognized and protected. To avoid misused use, the Valais has adopted a regulation, stipulating exactly the stringent required for the wine to have the appellation « Grand Cru ».

The stringent requirements for the production of « Grand Cru » are :

  • Grapes : only indigenous and traditional grape varieties of Valais are authorized. Each municipality determines the most suited grape varieties in accordance with their earth.
  • Cultural practices: the obligation to respect the ecological benefitsold vines of at least 8 years, defined culture systems and a prescribed minimum leaf area.
  • The minimum natural sugar levels are higher than the traditional AOC.
  • Allowed returns are lower than those of the traditional AOC.
  • Recorded plots should be located in areas recognized with the variety suitable. They are subject to annual review.
  • The wines should be controlled and bottled in Valais. They are entitled to the appellation “Grand Cru” only after receiving the approval of a tasting commission.