The production of “Grand Cru” is a deliberate procedure.The involved winemakers only decide to submit to the demanding requirements of the “Grand Cru” regulations that impose systematic controls at all stages of production and a mandatory tasting.

he required standards of production, particularly the strong limitation of yields, affect the production costs. The wines stamped “Grand Vintage “are produced in limited quantities.

Consequently, we can consider the appellation “Grand Cru” as a guarantee of quality.

Valais Selection

Initiated over 20 years by nurserymen with the help of the State of Valais, “La Sélection Valais” is a procedure designed to enhance the typicality of indigenous grape varieties by improved grafted plants while maintaining their genetic diversity.

First we had to identify and collect the plant material in the oldest plots, sometimes century-old.

Hence the nursery set up this selection program that the Valais producers now have authenticated plants, healthy and of high quality.