The reputation of a vineyard is based on the quality of its most outstanding wines universally recognized . This is not only due to the earth. It is the result of a know-how developed over the centuries by passionate winemakers who have had only for the purpose of searching the purest and most intense expression of the heritage entrusted to them.

Developed with respect, great vintage are not made to please everyone but to express with character the authenticity and originality of a terroir.

« Grand Cru », this is …

  • The pure and authentic expression of a delimited terroir
  • A perfect relation between earth and grape
  • The search for typicality and complexity
  • A guaranteed and controlled quality 
  • Exceptional wines produced in limited quantities

The pursuit of excellence without any compromise.

The appellation “Grand Cru” is assigned exclusively to AOC superior wines, produced in specified, defined areas, with the most appropriate indigenous and traditional grapes varieties and the most appropriate to the nature of the ground and the climate of the selected plots.

Only wine produced by regulated requirements can benefit from the designation “Grand Cru”, more stringent than those of the traditional appellation “AOC”.