Lafnetscha is an ancient grape varietal from Upper Valais, making complex, ageworthy wines.

Its name derives from “Laff nit scha”, which is the local dialect for “Don’t drink yet” – a reference to the wine’s high natural acidity and consequent cellaring potential.


Densely structured, with nectarine, elderflower, camomile and Golden Delicious.
Pronounced acidity and a very persistent floral finish.
Lafnetscha is indigenous to Upper Valais, where the first-ever recorded mention of the rare grape (“Lachneschen”) dates back to 1627. For a long time, the varietal was confused with the Completer grape that hails from the canton of Graubünden in eastern Switzerland. That is until DNA tests revealed that Lafnetscha was a natural cross between Completer and Valais native Humagne Blanc.
8 º – 10º C
Mature cheese, panna cotta
Source : José Vouillamoz (2017), Cépages Suisses, Lausanne : Editions Favre