Sylvaner, known as Johannisberg in Valais, is the second most widely planted white grape variety in Valais. It is sensitive to disease and cold, but is nevertheless a vigorous plant. Sylvaner is so at home on soil that is light, shistose and gravelly, in particular on dejection cones, that cantonal legislation dictates where it can be planted. It is ready to harvest slightly later than Chasselas. Its potential for aging and for developing greater complexity are startlingly good—well beyond 20 years!


The wine has notes of infused flowers over a base of orchard fruits and almonds.
It exhibits good vinosity and a voluptuous mouthfeel. The pleasant bitterness of almonds lingers, while the fattiness has to coat the bitterness. The fruit can tend towards
pineapple if the harvest is fully ripe. The wine has to be tender, since it is low in acidity. A dry or liquorous wine.
It originated in Austria but has been planted mainly on the banks of the Rhine in Germany. It came to the Rhone valley in the middle of the 19th century.
8° - 10° C
Aperitif, Spargeln.