We call it: Vin du Glacier, Vin des Glaciers or Gletscherwein, meaning rock glacier’s wine. It is as mythical as rare. Born out of peasant’s transhumance in Val d’Anniviers, it has survived the contemporary development of the viticulture.

Up to the end of the twentieth century, it was made from an old wine grape, Rèze, whick disappeared completely because of the Phylloxéra. It was replaced by the wine grapes Malvoisie, Ermitage, Petite Arvine, Fendant and Humagne Blanc, cultivated on the hills of Sierre.

This wine matures in larch barrels in the cellars in Val d’Anniviers.

Every year, in May and June, the winemaker fills in the first oldest barrels with the second
oldest barrels and so on…

Le Vin des Glaciers is blended from more than one vintage.


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Source : Rebe und Wein im Wallis, Anne-Do. Zufferey, in charge of Vine and Wine museum of Valais (MVVV)