Benoît Dorsaz advocates an organic, progressive and dynamic style of winemaking.
In his 30 happy years in the industry, he has forged a path through Switzerland’s viticultural landscape. Going against the grain of synthetic standards, his wines reflect his great loves: clarity, elegance and precision.
A traditional, family-run vineyard
Born into a winemaking family, Benoît Dorsaz grew up amongst the vines. In 1986, he inherited a Chasselas plot. Since then, he has leased his family’s plots, replanting the vineyard as well as renovating and expanding his father’s cellar.
Little by little, the estate has grown, paving the way for a vineyard that is both efficient and traditional.
Each plot is carefully monitored and the vines flourish in a setting that has been respectfully shaped by the winemaker.
Striving for quality
Whether it is a client, a partner or a colleague, the focus is always on people.
Excellence is about more than just the quality of the wines. That is why all the estate’s winemaking, oenological, commercial and administrative processes are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.
Benoît attaches great importance to the social role of winemaking, particularly when it comes to offering the best possible working conditions. Since 2003, Benoît has declined all offers to expand his estate. He refuses to increase production, preferring instead to promote excellence across his five hectares.
Keeping your feet on the ground
Aware that our time on this planet is short, Benoît Dorsaz has adopted cultivation methods that respect the environment, as well as advocating an approach to winemaking that is social, profitable and realistic. This endeavour has led him to favour biodynamic cultivation techniques. In order to respect the vineyard’s soil, the winemaker favours a natural grass cover that makes a crucial contribution to biodiversity.
Understanding the terroir
In the cellar, this philosophy creates wines that express the inherent features of their respective vintages, as well as the particular qualities of the terroir of Fully, where two mountain ranges meet. The Arvine, Cornalin, Humagne Rouge and Syrah (we are on the banks of the Rhône, after all!) grape varieties all benefit from maturation in wooden barrels. Benoît Dorsaz prefers to leave the spotlight to his wine – or indeed, to wine itself, a drink that is equal parts heavenly and earthly.

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