The Marc-André Rossier family winery was created in 1980 by Louis, the paternal grandfather. It was in 2006 that Marc-André, son of Louis, and Philomène took over the business. In 2013, Caroline joined her parents on the estate.
The family is passionate about the world of wine and has at heart to work the vines with care to produce quality wines that resemble them.
You will have the chance to taste traditional wines such as Rèze, Petite Arvine, Humagne Rouge and innovative wines such as Divona and Divico.
The Marc-André Rossier family looks forward to meeting you over a glass.

Pratical information

Monday to Friday
French / German / English
Cellar tour / Vineyard tour
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Walk in the wineyard - Bourg de Saillon-Vigne à Farinet-Passerelle with raclette et grills