Edouard, who founded the company in 1984 on the initiative of his sons, had a barrel in his cellar like all the Valaisans. Several vines, a few vegetable crops and some fruit-growing: living the self-sufficiently life called for great ingenuity. So they began to store more and more in the cellar, and the eldest son designed the label and logo, which are still being used today in a slightly revised form.
Philippe and Véronyc, who took over the reins of the company in 1996, readapted the grape varieties to the soil and cultivated their own vines (12 varieties on around 8 hectares spread over more than 30 plots!) in line with integrated production standards and with great respect for the environment.
Our vineyard
– Les Claives is located on dizzyingly steep terraces and has been managed by Edouard since 1964. Over the years the grape varieties have evolved: now the varieties Petite Arvine, Ermitage and Syrah thrive here.
– The Les Mûres domain in the region of Mazembre produces mainly Gamay – from nearly 40-year-old vines – but also Petite Arvine. This domain is situated on the moraine deposits of the Beudon mountain stream. The soil is calcareous and very different from that of Les Claives.
– And then there is also Saxon on the left bank… Part of it is on the Route de Sapinhaut below La Tour, where Pinot Noir, Bamaret, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris (Malvoisie) are grown. There is also the Ritz domaine with Pinot Noir and above all Fendant. The main difference between the two river banks is the sunshine in September, the decisive month for grape ripening. The early grape varieties need a mild climate and oblique sunlight during this period, while the late varieties still need a lot of warmth and light. In September the sun rises in Saxon at 11am, in Fully at 8am….

Our philosophy
Nature gives us nothing but her best! Our hands are only needed to turn this gift of pure grapes into an exceptional wine.
The Valais Excellence label that we were awarded in July 2013 has led us to rethink our company and management. We are very aware of the impact that an agricultural activity such as ours can have on the environment and are convinced that we can reduce it to a minimum with a little organisation.
As practitioners of the saying “there’s strength in numbers”, in 1996 we decided to become a founding member of Fully Grand Cru, a group of winemakers that enjoy a superb collaboration.
A visit
We would be delighted to welcome you to our beautiful wine cellar that dates back to 1726, which has been owned by the family for 200 years. It can be heated and is ideal for wine tastings. Visit us on the cantonal and communal wine-cellar open days, or at other times by arrangement. We recommend contacting us in advance on 027 746 38 16 to ensure that we are able to offer you a proper welcome.

Pratical information

Monday to Friday
On appointment
French / German / English
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Awarded wines |

  • Medal
    Dénomination du vin
    Wine variety
  • Fendant de Saxon


    Fendant (Chasselas)


  • Syrah Cuvée St Gothard élevé en barrique




  • Petite Arvine “Les Mûres”


    Petite Arvine


  • Gamay “Les Mûres”




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