Les fils de René Favre SA is a family business in the municipality of Chamoson, right in the heart of Valais. We have been selling wine from our eight-hectare estate for three generations, and produce roughly 50,000 bottles a year. Our plots are all located in the municipality of Chamoson. After many years of hard work defending and promoting noble grapes such as Pinot Noir and Petite Arvine, the estate has gradually acquired a reputation for excellence that has spread far beyond the borders of Canton Valais. Thanks to attention from the both the media and clients in the hotel, restaurant and catering industry, the old “René Favre et Fils” brand was gradually eclipsed and replaced by the names of John and Mike Favre.
Like many Valais families, the Favres have cultivated vines on their own property as far back as anyone can remember. But it wasn’t until René Favre attended agricultural school in 1946 that they began doing so professionally. The last cows disappeared from the family property in 1962 in favour of Golden Delicious apples. Since then, the vineyard has been expanded considerably and the orchards have become increasingly important. In the next generation, Jean-Charles (known as John) followed in his father’s footsteps by attending the École d’agriculture du Valais / Châteauneuf, before going on to join the new wave of oenologists and winemakers who trained at the École supérieure de Changins. After attending the Collège de Sion, Mike also returned to his roots by studying at the Haute école de viticulture et Oenologie de Changins. Jonathan is now the third generation to take an interest in running the family estate.
Favre vines
Favre vines are easy to spot, thanks to the way they are planted. Specifically, they are planted in two narrowly spaced rows and two broadly spaced rows. This is done mainly to improve productivity. The layout provides better access to the grapes during the harvest. The vines are also more accessible to the special machine that removes surplus leaves, a process which improves the circulation of air in the canopy, preventing rot and other grape diseases. Thanks to this system, the Favres have no need to use pesticides. For an introduction to the Favre harvest, please visit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8BnJ1doeno

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