This restaurant is the ideal place to sample the most renowned specialities the Valais has to offer. First and foremost are such cheese dishes as raclette served with five different types of cheese. Guests may also treat themselves to aromatic dried meat, brisolée (roasted chestnuts) and a host of traditional seasonal dishes.

The wine cellar: wines from more than 110 producers are presented in this richly evocative tasting room, demonstrating the immense variety of Valais grapes to suit each plate and palate.

Opening hours

Our restaurant welcomes you 7 days a week year-round 10:30 - 23:00

Noon service: 11h30 - 14h00
Evening service: 18h00 - 22h30

Wine Bar
Our wine bar welcomes you 7 days a week year-round

Monday - Thursday : 10:30-13:00 / 16:30-20:30
Friday : 10:30-13:00 / 16:30-20:30
Saturday : 10:30-20:30 non-stop
Sunday : 10:30-20:30 non-stop