Welcome to the centre of the earth

An unusual and fun way to learn about local climate, landscapes and geology, this educational exhibition spotlights the wine-growing areas of the Valais.

The exhibition takes you underground, on a journey through time during which you discover how the complex geological mosaic that is the Valais was built up, how time, water and the earth have worked together to form the soils of the Valais and create this very specific, fertile area. You will see nature’s patient, gradual work as you journey through the periods of the “Land of glaciers” and the “Land of ancient rocks”, travel across the “Land of slopes and floors”, and listen to the “Land of the winds”.

In this exhibition centre, the study of the wine-growing areas of the Valais is presented and structured using beautiful granite plaques. The centre is imaginatively designed and makes judicious use of the flexibility and power of digital technology plus other innovative systems to give the scientific content an emotional, “magical” aspect that enhances its appeal.

Then, going up a level to the “Lands of mankind”, you will gain an understanding of the fragile relationship that exists between the different elements: air, water, sun, weather, the vine and human labour. Finally, you will find out about the richness, diversity and complexity of the areas under cultivation and the wines that they produce.

The large window and clear, simple layout of the space on the upper floor reflect our return to the surface of the earth. Welcome to the wine-tasting area.

This project is based on a study of areas of cultivated land that was carried out and financed by the Interprofession de la Vigne et du Vin du Valais and by the canton’s agriculture department in 2007.

Opening hours

Independant visitor

From March to November, 11h - 17h30 : free entry

Any time for group guided tour

CHF 4.- per person . / CHF 40.- min.