The “Cep à la Cime” trail takes hikers through vineyards and woods as it invites them to discover the terroir of Chamoson, the largest wine-producing community in Switzerland. Starting from the station at Chamoson/St-Pierre de Clages, the path unveils the fascinating story of the natural forces and people that have shaped this magnificent landscape. The walk starts off through the vineyards in the direction of Saint-Pierre-de-Clages, with its 11th-century Romanesque church.On that 11km hike heading off towards the towering cliffs of the Haut-de-Cry, enjoy a wine tasting of the wine grape Johannisberg Chamoson is famous for, before joining the vineyard trail, which brings you back to the station having gained a new understanding of the Valais terroir.



Starting point / Destination : Station of Chamoson / St-Pierre-de-Clages

Technique/Difficulty: easy

Fitness requirements: easy

Distance: 11 km

Total hiking time: 3 hours

SuisseMobile: randonnée 177