Sion’s vineyards are well irrigated by three bisses (irrigation channels) and three hiking paths follow these. They have a very gentle gradient, go through several interesting and pittoresque areas, with educational panels that guide you through the sensory delights of the natural wonders and vineyards here. You’ll also find a good deal of information on the work in the vines, the region’s wine producers and grape varieties…


The Bisse de Clavau between Sion and St-Léonard

Built in 1453 by the Vénérable Chapitre de la Cathédrale de Sion to irrigate the vines belonging to the communes of Ayent, Grimisuat and Sion: its source is in the wild gorges of the Lienne and it empties below, in the Sionne, from the heights above the town of Sion.

Length : approx. 2 hours 30 minutes,

Sion – Molignon – Signèse – St-Léonard


The Bisse de Montorge

The Bisse de Montorge takes its water from the Montorge Lake, waters the vineyards on the south slopes of Montorge and deposits it in the Morge river. Throughout your walk you come across numerous noteworthy places including the celebrated Domaine de Mont d’Or with its magnificent old Johannisberg vines.

Length : approx. 2 hours, Sion – Montorge and return to Sion


The Bisse de Lentine between Sion and Savièse

The source of the Bisse de Lentine is the Sionne. It irrigates the vines of Savièse and Sion before spilling into Montorge Lake. This delightful walk overlooks the town of Sion and its hills.

Length : approx. 2 hours 30 minutes,

Sion – Bisse de Lentine, return to Sion