Picture : © Valentin Flauraud

Congratulations to all the winners of these competitions!

Mondial du Merlot

A major competition for producers, distributors and importers of wines made from pure Merlot grapes or blends based on Merlot, under the patronage of OIV, UIOE, USOE and a member of VINOFED. There are 12 gold medals and 10 silver medals for Valais wines.

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Concours international des Cabernets

The mission of this competition is to confront and reward the best cabernets in the world. A Valais wine cellar was awarded the trophy for the best Cabernet in the world in 2019.

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Mondial de Bruxelles

The primary aim of the Mondial de Bruxelles is to offer consumers a guarantee: to distinguish wines of impeccable quality, real consumer pleasures and tasting from all over the world, in all price ranges. 3 Valais wines received the great gold medal, 27 received the gold medal and 44 received the silver medal.

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Syrah du Monde

For the first time, an international competition brings together wines from the Syrah grape variety. This qualitative comparison aims to select the best Syrah in the World®. 4 Valais wines are found in the 10 best Syrah wines in the world.

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